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After monsoon, between September and December, forest of The Polo becomes lush. There are more than 450 species of medicinal plants, around 275 of birds, 30 of mammals, and 32 of reptiles. There are bears, panthers, leopards, hyenas, water fowl, raptors, passerines, and flying squirrels....


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Gir is one of India’s oldest sanctuaries, and is synonymous with the majestic Asiatic lion (Panthera leo persica). The only place in India to see this animal,this park can take legitimate pride in saving an endangered species, which was at the threshold of extinction in the start of the twenty-first century.....

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We are arranging 2 days trip to Dwarka to know about marine life. While trip we will visit underwater paradise by doing SCUBA diving and Snorkeling to feel the pristine oceanic world, to feel the serenity, to feel the adventure. Trip includes marine life session with experts.....